This year, this next year of your existence
Give yourself fully to what is real
Within you
Don’t worry about awakening
That will take care of itself
But instead turn towards
Your resistance
Your pain
What you really hide from
And make a decision to expose it
To your own awareness
Allow this awareness
To hold it all without any attempt
To sort it out
Be done with sorting it out
Or working it out
But allow it all to just be there
Be ok in the devastation
Or the grief
Or the anger

Give yourself fully to what is real
But don’t get sucked into your own
Or anyone else’s drama
Don’t feed any more pain
Or judgement
It’s endless

Time runs out for us all
And you don’t grow younger
So now is the time
To put the search for awakening to one side
And look deeper within
There are jewels there
You have yet to discover
God is in there
Your radiant innocence waits there for you
Grace, acceptance and forgiveness are all there
You just have to go into the darkness
And empty

Love will take care of the rest.


  1. I’m going to reserve my comment and I’m going to go back and read all of your post. The one I previously read was beautiful. I feel as though there’s something drawing me to check out your blog. #LOVEANDLIGHTUNITE


  2. Beautiful words of wisdom. Love the relief and easiness of not having to ‘sort’ anything and the work is just in allowing and accepting what already exists in us.


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