The Fear Covers the Light

As he stared deep into the hole
At the center of his being
There, at the very bottom,
Covering up the light
Was a shroud of fear
No matter how hard the light shone
It was occluded by that dark energy

Thus he resolved, not to search for the light,
But to dissolve all the fear
And let what was already there shine.

– Image by Pexels from Pixabay

One thought on “The Fear Covers the Light

  1. There was an event that happened in my life about 10 years ago. Without going into the details, I was standing at the doors of utter darkness. I imagined that what was on the other side was literal death of all of my aspects. Nevertheless, I was so forlorn at the time, that I gathered up my will and moved into the darkness, expecting to die. Instead I found (for lack of better words) a seed of compassion. This event confirmed to me that what lies on the other side of the dark veil is benevolent…nothing less than love itself, and we are born of and enlivened by that essence, which is who we most truly are. From the darkest aspect of my experience came the source of light itself. Sorta like what you are saying here. Thank you.

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